BREAKFAST BURRITO – A Fast & Easy Dinner!


Who doesn’t love breakfast food for dinner? By then, we’re wide awake enough to enjoy it. Plus, the last thing I want to do in the morning is cook – which is why my breakfast consists of tea & biscuit.

Breakfast Burritos are more a concept than a specific recipe. Generally, they include scrambled eggs, but after that – the sky’s the limit: avocado, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, “sausage”. Whatever you have on hand.

Awww – I hear the murmuring.  “Sausage”??? Isn’t this a vegetarian blog? Note the quotation marks around sausage – that means imitation. You might cringe at the fake stuff, but “sausage” is one of those imitation products that tastes amazing. I use Morningstar’s Sausage Patties, and even my carnivorous brother loved them (I didn’t tell him ahead of time).

It’s best to have all your ingredients chopped and tortillas warmed, so that when the eggs are done you can stuff and go. Of course, you can zap them in the microwave, too.


  • tortillas, warmed
  • eggs
  • imitation sausage patties, cooked per instructions
  • stuffings: avocado, tomato, peppers, etc.
  • cheese (pepper jack, cheddar – whatever you like)

Warm tortillas in microwave and keep in plastic gallon sized bag, foil, or tea towel.

Scramble eggs and add in torn up “sausage” patties.

Layer eggs/”sausage” on tortilla, followed by your other add-ins. (Don’t overstuff or you’ll never be able to wrap the tortilla.) Top with cheese and fold up tortilla.




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