I love skillet dinners – everything is cooked in the one pan. They’re generally fast and easy, and this one is particularly tasty! As so often happens in my kitchen, this recipe began as an America’s Test Kitchen recipe. I changed so many things (including making it vegetarian), that it became virtually unrecognizable. I’m claiming […]

RED LENTIL SOUP: A Quick, Guilt-Free Delight!

In my ongoing attempt to post bathing-suit friendly recipes, I decided to turn to RED LENTIL SOUP. Enjoy it either as a meal unto itself, or as a starter to curb your appetite before the higher-caloric main course. We often think of homemade soups as time consuming so, instead, we reach for the can opener. While […]

VEGETARIAN CHILI For Those Chili Nights!

I recently watched an America’s Test Kitchen episode which featured a vegetarian chili recipe. Years ago, I developed my own Vegetarian Chili recipe, using imitation ground beef. There are many excellent fake meat products (and some really bad ones), and I use them from time to time. However, they are a processed food, so I limit […]

ONE-DISH “TURKEY” FEAST- Something Different For Thanksgiving!

I’m not sure how it came to pass that American Thanksgiving became firmly linked with turkey, but people don’t feel like they’ve celebrated properly without it. Of course, this is a dilemma for vegetarians. Fortunately, there are some good imitation turkey products out there – and some NOT good ones, too. My favorite is Worthington’s […]


Who can resist FRENCH ONION SOUP, with its cheesey bread topping, encrusted over a savory soup?! You may think FRENCH ONION SOUP is one of those foods only obtainable at a restaurant. (And when I worked in a fancy Beverly Hills restaurant, we did serve it.) But it’s actually easily made at home, and my […]

TOMATO SOUP – Mmm Mmm Good…For Your Waistline!

It’s that time of year when the temperature starts to rise and the clothing starts to shed. No more bulky sweaters to hide those extra pounds. Years ago there was a soup commercial with a girl hanging a yellow polka dot bikini on her wall as incentive to stick to her diet. To aid in […]

CARROT-GINGER SOUP: Easter Bunny Favorite!

This recipe is perfect for Easter! Why? Because the Easter Bunny is a rabbit…and rabbits love carrots, of course! Okay, I may be stretching the association a bit (a BIT?!), but this soup is delicious, filling, and low-cal. And, like most soups, is very easy to make. NOTE: You can make this soup with carrots […]

GOLDEN GAZPACHO – Soup With The Midas Touch!

In my part of the world, summers are brutal. It’s not unusual for temperatures to rise above 100º F (for you celsius folks, that’s over 38º)! So, what am I making for dinner? Soup! No, the heat hasn’t addled my brain – I’m talking chilled soup, specifically GOLDEN GAZPACHO. The key is to make it early in […]

NUTTY FRUIT PILAF – All Dressed Up & Ready To Party!

In Armenian homes, pilaf (rice) is one of those side dishes that’s always present but rarely noticed. It’s good, it’s filling, it’s cheap, it rounds out the meal – but it’s nothing to write home about. However, on special occasions we take the time to brown the rice before boiling, and add in some almonds, […]

NAVAJO TACOS – Worth The Effort!

Navajo Tacos are one of those dishes I tend to forget about until I flip through my recipe box. (This is the device we used before the days of computers to store our recipes.) When I do make them, I chide myself for not doing so more often – they’re uber yummy…and not as time […]